Legal Management and Compliance
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Management, Quality and Compliance Support
for Lawyers and Law Practices
Keeping Lawyers Legal!
It may seem ironic for lawyers to grumble about red tape, but it is a fact that the legal profession is beset by rules and regulations as much as any other profession, and more so than many.
Whilst it is without doubt in the interests of both legal consumers and the profession itself that law practices are well run and regulated, the truth is that lawyers want to offer a high quality, timely service to their clients but it can seem like they have to spend far too much time having to deal with administrative tasks to satisfy the SRA. Many of these tasks appear to be of little or any benefit to anyone, least of all the clients!
Beacon Legal Management and Compliance can relieve the burden.
We can also advise and assist with quality standards such as Lexcel and CQS and we can deliver training in many topical areas.
In short, Beacon can be your quality, risk and compliance resource, tailored to the needs of you and your practice.